Roman fresco depicting the divine frenzy of the Bacchae (Pompeii & Herculaneam).
  Melencholia I, Albrecht Durer, engraving, 1514
  Bedlam Scene from ‘A Rake’s Progress’, William Hogarth, print, 1734
  William Blake,  Nebuchednezzar , 1805
  ‘The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters’, frontispiece of  Los Caprichos , Francisco Goya, engravings first published 1799
  From George Combe’s  A System of Phrenology  (1830): Frontispiece showing the various characteristics' localisation in the brain, and an annotated depiction of the brain itself (p72)
  Engraving of craniometer from  Elements of Phrenology,  George Combe, 1835
  Frontispiece from      John Charles Bucknill’s and Daniel Hack Tuke’s  A Manual of Psychological Medicine  (1858) showing the “Types of Insanity”
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