Diagram from Angelo Mosso’s  Circulation of Blood in the Human Brain (1884) , image reproduced from  Weighing brain activity with the balance  (Brain)
 Figures from Godfrey Hounsfield's 1973 paper outlining the principles of CT imaging. Hounsfield hoped to “open up a new chapter in X-ray diagnosis".
 CT of a patient with the congenital neurological condition Fahr’s disease, showing bilateral basal ganglia calcification (credit: Dr Rahmoun Fateh,  radiopaedia )
 MRI of a patient with a three-month history of persecutory delusions, personality change, amotivation and cognitive impairment, caused by frontal falcine meningioma. (credit: Dr Gabrielle Matta,  radiopaedia )
 MRI from study investigating pituitary gland size in first-episode psychosis, and effect of anti-psychotics ( Nature )
 MRI of 40 year-old patient with early-onset dementia, showing advanced frontotemporal atrophy (credit: A.Prof Frank Gaillard,  radiopaedia )
 MRI from study on ‘Dopamine in Drug Abuse and Addiction’ ( Nature )
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